Support Radix
by staking your XRD
with the SRWA validator node


Delegate your XRD to the SRWA validator node and enjoy 0% fee policy by the end of 2023.

SRWA will not conduct an IVO. Hence, the fees will remain as low as possible in the future.


An advanced infrastructure has been set up in order to keep the validator node up and running in a secure and reliable way.

Comprehensive monitoring, alerting and management with back up mechanisms are in place to enable 100% uptime.


Apart from long term incentive plans for early adopters, we are partnering up with Radix ecosystem projects.

Additional perks and exclusive incentives are coming in the future. 


In partnership with


We’ve teamed up with Radical Staking to bring reliable, secure, and long term participation in keeping the Radix ledger decentralized.

Our partnership is expected to go beyond the validating node consultancy and monitoring, and details will be revealed in time.


We chose Radix for Distributed Ledger and core technology stack.
We believe we share the same passion for intuitive, acessibile and efficient solutions.