Making DeFi experience
available to everyone

Seamless conversion between physical goods, RWA tokens and cash

Your physical assets can be vaulted with an RWA Token minted as a proof.

Your tokens/assets are immediately transactable in a liquid and efficient global market.

Converting for cash, savings and lending are also coming.

Finally, you deliver RWA Token to the Vault, and get an adequate return of physical asset.

Demo Application

Our Demo Application aims to reach launch readiness in October 2023.
The proof of concept is set to take place in New Zealand, as regulated and compliant project.

Intuitive, accessible
& efficient

These are core principles for building SRWA products.We combine advantages from TradFi and DeFi into more advanced solutions.​


We strive to deliver the highest level of user experience with focus on ease of use.


We treat accessibility to personal belongings as a basic human right. Technology makes it possible.


The space for efficiency  improvements in FinTech is enormous.  The most efficient use of energy wins.


We chose Radix for Distributed Ledger and core technology stack.
We believe we share the same passion for intuitive, accessible and efficient solutions.

About Us

We envision a future where decentralized finance
has a seamless user experience and outstanding security.

We share our values of open-mindedness, honesty, and reliability among our team and established partners.

Throughout our professional history, team members have worked on a variety of successful digital businesses and software development projects. Our expertise grew to enterprise-grade processes and ISO 27001 certified data protection practices.

Each team member has 5+ years of experience with numerous blockchain solutions, with a minimum 5+ years in other relevant field.